Stress Management

Stress can build up over time at work or at home. We may not fully know what factors in the situation make it seem so stressful. Sometimes we worry a lot about everyday occurrences, and life seems filled with stress. Sometimes things have happened to us, recently or in the more distant past, which may result in us having ‘triggers’ that we may or may not know we have.

In turn, triggers can lead to us responding in various ways – such as ‘never having enough time’, or being always focused on Work, being too serious too often and not having space for fun or times with family and friends, being too quick to anger, over-eating, drinking too much … and so on.

Kaye can assist in finding the underlying meaning in these responses, and provide assistance and guidance with stress management. This can lead to finding ways to respond differently, and hence a new way ahead.

Stress management exploration and guidance can be provided via phone counselling, when individuals are in locations remote from Perth. As meaning is discovered, new approaches can be tried and an effective response can be experienced.