Kaye Barr Psychology Services Perth

Kaye Barr Psychology Services Perth is highly qualified and experienced in providing psychology services. She offers counselling for many types of personal and interpersonal difficulties and specialises in assisting people to reach their full potential. She works with individuals and couples to grow through greater self-awareness, so that fulfilling relationships may be gained, life goals brought into focus and personal life skills enhanced.

A qualified and registered Perth psychologist and psychotherapist, Kaye is committed to seeking the underlying cause of current experience. Similarly, appropriate nutrition provides the underpinning foundation for much of our present well-being. In some situations, linking diet and nutrition with a verbal exploration of behaviour can lead to a speedier outcome.

The practice of psychotherapy serves to add depth to the work of psychology services Perth. Behaviour that is occurring in the present has underlying meaning in the present, and roots in the more distant past. Seeking these can shed constructive light upon current situations and behaviour, leading to greater understanding and resolution.

Kaye Barr psychologist Perth is also able to offer several of these services via phone counselling, to assist those in locations which are remote from Perth. Phone counselling is often a practical option for those unable to attend in person, and much of the work proceeds along lines very similar to what occurs in face to face sessions.

In addition to the rebatable services below Kaye has also written documents in relation to many situations, such as migration issues, educational issues, character references for various purposes and items for use in court hearings.

Kaye is registered to provide rebatable services with:

  • Medicare – inclusive of the Mental Health Care Plan (Better Access) and Non-directive Pregnancy Counselling items
  • Private Health Funds (these are also subject to the Member’s level and type of cover)
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) with several companies