Infertility and Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy and childbearing issues can have a strong impact upon those who experience them, as a lifelong expectation of being able to bear a live, healthy child may be thrown into doubt. Many people expect to be able to have a child, and the discovery or diagnosis of infertility or secondary infertility can be very distressful. Furthermore, it is often experienced in isolation, as family, friends and workmates are often not told initially, or perhaps for some time to come. The medical pathway that may then unfold can be daunting, overwhelming and unfamiliar, for one or both partners in a relationship.

The experience of unplanned pregnancy may also bring problems that need attention. There may be an urgent question of the best course to take.

Some women experience a pregnancy termination, which may be unplanned and unwanted, at the same time as being necessary for the overall good. This can become a source of very deep and often private distress.

For some a child may be born or become damaged, and in some way not be the child that was expected.

Following a pregnancy, some women feel unaccountably depressed, and overwhelmed. This is a distressing experience, at a time when one would be expecting to feel predominantly joyful and blessed.

Infertility and Pregnancy issues may be part of a longer series of counselling on these and other issues that may be part of the whole. Kaye is able to deliver a short series of Medicare-supported consultations around these issues related to infertility and pregnancy. This is the Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling program. This program for Infertility and Pregnancy Issues may be allocated separately by Medicare and is not necessarily part of a Mental Health Care Plan.

The Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling program may be delivered separately or as part of an ongoinga counselling series.

It is beneficial to work out one’s responses and perhaps see the way ahead more quickly and effectively than otherwise. Please feel welcome to enquire further.