Grief and Loss

Kaye has worked with issues of Grief and Loss for many years. Bereavement is a part of life, but it is often hidden from view in our type of society. For many, when faced with the loss of a partner or loved one, the experience is one of bewilderment, altogether outside one’s previous pathway.

Loss can be experienced when passing from one life stage to another – perhaps having to leave a job or a previous home or lifestyle behind. Some losses are hidden, and we may not even realise we are living with grief and loss. Sometimes we are able to eventually build from a loss into another strength or direction, and it is desirable to find a way beyond the overwhelming loss to enable the future way ahead to be seen or felt.

Pregnancy issues can have a similar impact, as a lifelong expectation of being able to bear a live, healthy child may be thrown into doubt. Please see the Infertility and Pregnancy Issues page.

Many issues of grief and loss can be explored via phone counselling for those in FIFO situations or in locations remote from Perth.