Kaye Barr Psychologist – Depression & Anxiety

To be depressed much of the time is debilitating and tends to impede activity. Kaye works from a humanistic perspective to gently seek the meaning behind the depression, and begin to make alternative connections.

Similarly, anxiety is an uncomfortable and energy-sapping state that leads to inaction and a sense of helplessness. Often, through a gentle and gradual approach, the underlying meaning can be found. This, together with awareness of present patterns, can lead to a more constructive way ahead.

Kaye Barr psychologist Perth can assist individuals from adolescents to adults of all ages to find a way beyond the experience of depression and the often-related anxiety.

Depression and anxiety can be explored via phone counselling for those in locations remote from Perth. The contact, stimulation and focussed exploration can lead to discoveries of patterns, previous learning and experience and most importantly to a new sense of clarity and choices for one’s future.