Anger Management

Anger management can assist in many of life’s situations. Inappropriate anger can adversely affect relationships at home, with friends, and at work. For some people, anger can become the main way of self expression, while for others there is a constant feeling of being angry at the world and its ordinary events.

Ongoing anger can be stressful for the individual and those around them. Inappropriate anger is in many instances a clue to an underlying difficulty, that may nor may not be known or acknowledged internally by the person. It becomes important to consider anger management.

There can be many reasons for inappropriate anger. Anger can lead us to rash actions, often out of proportion with the situation, that may be regretted later. Sometimes, anger is the only emotion that an individual has been ‘allowed’ to express in their life. Other emotions may be hidden, due to being seen as unacceptable, or not being acknowledged or understood. Sometimes the cause of the anger is found in someone else’s behaviour, and the person experiencing the anger may need to learn how to appropriately and effectively respond. There can be many reasons other than these examples, for becoming ‘that angry person’, and an exploration can lead to understanding, a lifting of a heaviness and for some, to a greater sense of control of one’s situation.

Kaye can assist in finding the underlying meaning in persistent anger. This can lead to finding ways to respond differently, and hence a new way ahead is likely to be unpacked, and lead to a ‘lighter’ path.

Anger management can be addressed via phone counselling in many cases. Motivations can be discovered, explored, and new approaches utilised. In Kaye’s experience, phone counselling can proceed much as the interaction takes place in face to face counselling.