Phone Counselling

Phone counselling is a useful option for many people, and assists in levelling the gap between availability of services in cities and country or remote locations.

  • A remote location may have no available counselling psychologist or psychotherapist
  • A small-town location may not offer privacy to attend this type of service
  • Mine sites tend to have very limited options
  • Many involved in FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) work styles experience the limitations of remote locations
  • Australians overseas may desire Australian contact for psychological counselling
  • Shift work may make attendance during regular hours difficult
  • In Western Australia, and elsewhere, isolation factors in some locations may lead to increased feelings of depression, anger, stress, and desire for substances such as alcohol

For these and other reasons, phone counselling, with a registered psychologist, may be sought. The service is discreet, and involves no travelling.

The cost is very similar to that of attendance in person, since there are various methods available for use of low-cost phone line. If you do not have a low-cost phone-calling facility, a call may be made back to you, thus reducing your phone cost.

Another alternative is to use a Skype phone facility.

The general pattern of phone counselling sessions is much the same as face to face sessions, and is aimed at assisting the client to unfold the issue, and develop an understanding of underlying causes.

While phone counselling sessions are ongoing, it may sometimes be possible to take the opportunity to meet in person when on a visit to Perth.

Phone counselling is not available for Medicare clients, as Medicare cover applies only to face to face contact. However, for those with Private Health Fund cover (most Funds), rebates apply.

Payment may be made using a bank card (creditor other), direct electronic transfer (EFT) or other options which may be discussed.